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I got a God thing going

I went to church last weekend. I don’t really like going to church.
I don’t like going because I don’t want to be “involved” because I’m not really a joiner.
I guess I’m just more “episcopal” than the rest of the episcopalians.
Like, the whole passing of the peace just grates my core. I’m not there to make friends. So when I go (maybe once a year now) I want to go listen and think and be quiet and generally be left alone.
Of course… My anti-social church stance means I go to the 7:45 am service.
It’s a double edged sword.
There’s only 10 people there at 7:45 and you can wear whatever you want because those other 10 people are total weirdos but…
You have to “pass the peace” with every single person and no matter how low you sink into the pew, THEY WILL FIND YOU AND TALK TO YOU.
I know. I’m a jerk and anti-social…
But it was good to go.
The part that stood out to me was a line from the Gospel. Basically, at this point, the bulk of Jesus’ disciples have abandoned him and he’s down to only 12. You can’t blame people for bailing on him because, let’s face it, Jesus can come off as a little crazy at times.
The disciples turn to him and say “This teaching is difficult, who can accept it?”
And that part stuck out to me.
Life can be difficult. Things happen that you don’t want to happen.
Car wrecks.


Places like Syria.

Your tennis partner putting together a really long string of double faults.


People get drunk, ignore the “Warning Alligator” signs, jump into the bayou and get eaten by alligators.
The teaching IS difficult. But, if you try and you accept it, you can learn and know and understand and maybe some of these things you can solve.
Well… You can’t solve the alligator part.
People who get eaten by alligators never learn.


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