Coming and Going

The way they leave

Tells you


About who they are

This is true and it was said by one of the smartest people I know.

Did they ghost you and fade away? Was there a simple text declaring in a cowardly way that they were now breaking your heart? Was it in person? Were they crying before you realized what was happening? Was it clear that this was forever? Did they hate that they were going away? Are they promising to come back?

So if leaving tells you everything…

What about their arrival?

Do they ride in slinging fists full of cheer when you need it the most?

Are they suddenly hatching schemes to slay your demons for you?

Is the night suddenly fading with the sunrise they carry with them?

Are they a relentless hurricane pounding at your lonesome shores?

Can you feel they are picking up your pieces, making you whole again and ensuring you are stronger than ever?

Do you feel that you needed them before you ever knew they existed?

Are they the light on the door guiding you home through the storm?

Can you feel how they don’t want anything other than to see you rise up from your grave to take life by the throat?

Tell me…

What does their arrival tell you?


A Public Service Announcement

One of our local law enforcement officers asked me this morning to remind our area residents about what he termed “aggressive strollering.” 
Apparently, some have taken to walking with their children (and small dogs) in an unsafe and aggressive manner.
Please be reminded that state law says:
— Strollers must be pushed so that they are going the opposite way of automotive traffic
— Large “gangs” of strollers should travel in a single file line and never stretch the width of the street
— Moderate speeds should be adhered to and loud talking needs to be minimized
— All strollers should be in good working condition and not cobbled together from various bits of other strollers found at garage sales
— Shopping carts are NOT strollers and are banned for such use by city ordinance
— Texting and strolling is generally unsafe, along with harnessing several large dogs to pull your stroller Yukon style
— You may open carry a firearm of your choice while strollering
Please, for the sake of our children, stroller in a friendly, light hearted manner.