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What this blog is all about

What I actually write with

Well, yes, this blog is about everything and nothing…
I saw a quote that said something like “around here the definition of crazy is so insane that only the normal will lose their minds” and maybe that sums things up.
We are going to embrace the strange and recognize that reality is always more bizarre than fiction. We are going to admit that there are no hard truths in this land of shifting realities.
There will be rants fired off with a total disregard for spelling and punctuation.
There will be works of total fiction.
There will be recipes because I know we all need to eat.
There will be pictures of stuff I see.
There will be my answers to letters sent to Dear Abby because she’s hopelessly out of touch and I’m a helper.
There will be questions.
There is also a section of stories written by a loveable but hopelessly doomed local named Lazlo Gusto who is equal parts Hunter S Thompson, Charlie Brown and labrador retriever.
But most of all…
This blog is here to make you think and laugh and not feel so all alone.

Who am I?

me, heading to work

I play tennis. I drink beer. I avoid entanglements. I try to be better. I fail. I keep going.

I am a true journalist with a BBA from the finest school in the Americas. This means I once was poor and now I’m rich.
I am married to a woman who personifies the word “beautiful” in all of its deepest connotations. I am lucky to have her and she owns every inch of my soul and body (even the parts that need some work).
I have the standard issue family unit of “two kids and a dog” and they are good.
We all live in Houston, Texas and our city is the capitol of the known universe.

About Suburban War Lord

Suburban War Lord

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