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She Knows

The path to HER?

It is laid out, stone by stone, for my heart to explore.

It is long and winding and every turn stirs my soul.

She is a hue that Rothko chased until his heart stopped.

This, she knows.

And I have found her.

I delight in her twists and turns.

The trees along her path shelter me from the rain and the sun.

I lose myself as I follow her into the darkest woods and emerge in flowered coated meadows a better man.

The birds from heaven sing her praises as I quicken my step.

When I am tired she leads me down a gentle slope.

When I need to be challenged her grade turns steeper.

And, always, I move further along and never think of turning back.

This is my place.

This is where I belong.

I will walk this path night and day.

I will never stray.

And I will draw my last breath still aching to take one more step along her journey.

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One response to “She Knows

  1. Fixe ⋅

    She loves Rothko, ya know?

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