Fuck aTm

Dear Johnny Football & aTm:

Nice job winning the Heisman. Almost as impressive as squeaking past Louisiana Tech by 2 points or dodging Ole Miss with a 3 point victory. You saw UT beat Ole Miss 66-31, right?

Let’s not forget beating South Carolina State. I know, it wasn’t Spurrier’s boys but they share almost the same name, right?

Personally, I enjoyed the win over Sam Houston. Nothing like beating the little guy from the lesser division. WHOOP!!!

So take out Sam Houston and Alabama and your wins were over teams whose combined records were around .500 this season.

That’s quality right there. You are definitely better than mediocre.


PS – Yer logo, aTm, is code for ass-to-mouth.

PPS – If Baylor hadn’t beaten Kansas State you never would have won the Heisman.