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Calling All Radio Shows


NPR Host: We are here talking about the ethics surrounding a new “3 parent” technique for in-vitro fertilization and mitochondrial DNA replacement and what this mean for parents and children. 
We go to our caller, Dave, in Houston.

Me: Hey… First time caller, long time listener.

Dr Wan: Hello, do you have a question?

Me: Yes, can this technique also be used to insert certain diseases?

Dr Wan: Yes but…

Host: Why would any one want to insert a deadly disease on the micro level into a viable embryo?

Me: Well… Let’s say you have two kids already and you already know how how a third or fourth kids is going to turn out. At a certain age they stop being “fun” and they stop being “cute” and they just get all surly and you really start to question whether another 3 years of junior high, 4 years of high school and God knows how many years in college are worth it. Like, these kids I have now are freaking expensive and they are really obnoxious and everyone knows they are totally undisciplined and completely unfit for military service and the social pressure on me to put them through college is huge.

Host: You want a third kid but you want it to die before it stops being cute?

Me: Or maybe a third kid with 4 arms so it has a clear sports advantage.

Dr Wan: This is disgusting…

Me: I thought at first the “3 parent” technique was some swinging alternative life style thing…

Host: Hang up. Now.


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