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Future Writer…

I think I’m going to quit my job and just throw myself into my dream occupation: 
Romance Novelist
It’s a crowded market and filling the pages between steamy paperback covers is never easy. So what’s my hook? Real life, first world problems turned incredibly sensual and exciting.
So far I got these working…

“Stuck in a Jam”

Something about the copying machine being out of toner and suffering from a paper jam didn’t sit well with Lacey DuPress. 

As an Ivy League trained office administrator she could smell a rat. And like a vicious terrier, she was going to hunt that rat down and break its back no matter what it took.

Her only lingering doubt?

Is ex-British commando turned tennis pro turned photocopying machine repairman Neville Studemount really able to help her?

Will her unyielding, feisty spirit trip her up? 

How can Neville ever get past Lacey’s super model looks long enough to focus on the dangerous printer task at hand?

Lacey is definitely…

Stuck in a jam.

“A Test to Ace”
Jemma Needsome is handling her hardest task ever. As a world renowned 3rd grade teacher she has the brains and the body to handle any situation. But she was not prepared for ex-Top Gun fighter ace Jack Tallow. 

Can she conduct her parent teacher conference properly? 

Is she strong enough to tell the strapping Jack that his son is simply an average student? 

Or can she turn his child into gifted and talented material? 

Does she have the guts to say Jack’s boy is the most frustrating and mouthiest SOB she has ever taught?

Maybe this obnoxious brat is not genius material?

Maybe he needs to be labeled as “developmentally challenged.”


But in the fast paced and dangerous world of the upper middle class public school education game, Jemma needs to teach some kids while keeping her special needs heart from falling for a retired fighter pilot.

Jemma just needs to get a passing grade on…

A test to ace.

“Too Hot to Handle”

In the coffee game, Becka Brewstar is a legend. She is not only the world’s leading barista but also won Olympic gold in both gymnastics and judo — on the same day. She can handle any order and crush any complaints that come her way. 

But she wasn’t ready for the mysterious ants that kept appearing in the Starbucks bathroom.

Will Becka be able to judo chop this infestation or will she find herself falling flat on her face when the health inspector arrives?

Perhaps the hard charging, well-sculpted exterminator and ex-NFL star line backer Brick Manmouth can help.

Or maybe he is simply spraying more romance than insecticide and will let his unbridled passion for Becka and her perfect latte’s get in the way.

Can Becka keep it together?

Maybe it’s all…

Too hot to handle.

“The Run Around”

As the CIA’s most qualified sniper, Paige Turner was used to dangerous situations that required the ultimate in concentration, finesse and reflexes.

But now, here in the suburbs and with nothing but her Delta Force training and bombshell looks, Paige found herself in the middle of the crosshairs herself.

Pillates was at 10:15 am.

Cookies for the PTA meeting needed to be at the school by 11 am.

A third world, America hating dictator was slated for assassination at 1:21 pm.

Her son had soccer practice at 2 pm.

Her daughter’s mandarin immersion began at 3 pm.

Cocktails at her best friend’s house began at 4:30 pm.

To top it all off, when Paige woke up her car battery was deader than that Yakuza gangster she iced the week before!

Will world champion mixed martial arts and auto mechanic Pedro Von Peter repair Paige’s imported sportswagon in time or is he too busy trying to jump start her forgotten love life and grease her gears?

This single mother with 28 confirmed kills just needs to get through…

The run around.


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